How Do I Choose the Best Mousse Eyeshadow?

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Mousse eyeshadow is a trendy type of eye makeup product that generally offers brighter colors than other types of shadows. These products tend to take less effort to apply, but, despite the ease and attractive appearance of mousse shadows, there are certain things you should look for when choosing these eyeshadows. These include your budget, color, longevity, and ease of application. Picking the right product and applying it correctly will ensure that you will use the eyeshadow for a long time to come.

The first thing to consider is your budget. There is a misconception that the most expensive mousse eyeshadows offer the best quality. Brand loyalty and skin type often contribute to the choice as well. If possible, opt for samples of products which are often available at make-up counters in most department stores. This can help you to be sure if the color works before you spend the money.

Color is one of the reasons why many people use mousse eyeshadow. The pigmentation of these shadows tends to be richer and they give you a more smooth and dramatic look. The colors tend to be brighter than other textures of eyeshadows, such as powder versions. Unlike some powder eyeshadows, the end result of a mousse shadow will likely look just as bright on the lid as it does in the original package.


There are certain points to consider when picking out colors of mousse shadows. It is important to be practical and pick colors that can blend together. For starters, pick out one bright or darker color and choose a complementing color to go with it. Some makeup companies advertise mousse eyeshadow as a one-step process, but most people need to wear another color with it to avoid a harsh look.

One of the most important things to look for in a mousse eyeshadow is its longevity. A good quality product will be labeled as waterproof. Eyeshadows that aren’t waterproof have a tendency to crease, especially when used during hot summer days. To ensure that even the most waterproof of mousse shadows stays on your eyelids, apply a primer beforehand.

A common selling point for mousse eyeshadow is the ease of application. Typically, you use your fingers to apply the shadows, as they come in miniature jars. Using a brush can make the shadow clump before the color makes it onto your eyelid. Keep in mind that you may want a sponge applicator to blend in multiple colors. Cotton swabs are also helpful for easy removal in case you make a mistake during the application process.

It may take some time for you to discover which mousse eyeshadow is truly the best for you. Consider trying a shade from different brands to discover which product you prefer. With the right application and priming process, a quality mousse shadow should last you through the day.



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