How Do I Choose the Best Moisturizing Hand Cream?

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To choose the best moisturizing hand cream, look at the condition of your hands first. Moisturizing hand creams can have anti-aging properties or include ingredients that can benefit the cuticles and nails as well as the skin itself. The consistency of the cream is another important consideration. If you suffer from redness or itchiness, you may need a hand cream for sensitive skin, or an organic hand cream.

Some hand creams have anti-aging properties and include ingredients that can help lighten or prevent age spots or wrinkles. Anti-aging hand creams may be heavier or oilier in consistency than other creams and may include antioxidants, such as vitamins E and C, that may help to combat the aging process. Moisturizing hand creams of this kind may also include alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

Hand creams can also include ingredients, such as avocado oil, to help brittle nails and dry cuticles. A moisturizing hand cream that will work on those problems can help cut down on the time spent treating the hands and nails with separate products. All that is usually required is that you apply the hand cream and massage a little into the nail and cuticles at the same time.


If your hands are especially dry, you may benefit from a cream that offers intensive moisturization. Some of the ingredients to look for may include shea butter or coconut butter, as these ingredients are believed to be excellent moisturizers. Hand creams for very dry skin may also include oils such as almond or coconut oil.

The consistency of the moisturizing hand cream you choose is also important, since these creams can range from being fairly light and watery to being heavier and oily. Some hand creams can leave an oily residue on the skin that could leave the hands feeling oily and slippery. If you would prefer something that doesn't leave a sticky or oily residue, you may need to opt for a lighter or water-based moisturizer.

If you struggle with redness or itchy skin, look for a moisturizing hand cream that is formulated especially for sensitive skin. These creams are generally fragrance free, and some contain organic ingredients that can help cut down on any irritation and redness. Creams that contain aloe leaf juice may also help to fight inflammation of the skin and to soothe any discomfort.



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