How Do I Choose the Best Moisturizer for Normal Skin?

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There is a huge variety of moisturizers available for everything from extremely dry to very oily skin. The best moisturizer for normal skin should be neither too light nor too heavy. Lighter moisturizers are typically better suited to oily skin that does not need much extra moisture, while heavier moisturizers, generally better for dry skin, might block pores or cause the skin to feel oily. Remember to always look for moisturizers — and all other facial products — that advertize that they will not block pores and cause acne.

When looking for the best moisturizer for normal skin, remember that "normal" is still a fairly wide range. Most people with normal skin have better results with a water-based moisturizer and find that oil-based formulas are often too heavy or too greasy feeling. If water-based moisturizers do not seem to give you adequate moisturization, experiment with oil-based moisturizers. Also remember that the "normal" skin type is based on how oily or dry the skin is, not on how sensitive it is. If your skin reacts badly to some products, be careful to select a moisturizer that is intended for use on normal, sensitive skin.


If your skin occasionally feels oily or dry all over, or tends to develop oily or dry spots every once in a while, keep that in mind as you shop. Many people find that they need a heavier moisturizer in the winter time to combat the cold, dry weather and harsher winds than they do in the summer. Rather than search for the single best moisturizer for normal skin, you might try to find a brand or type of moisturizer that you like and experiment with different moisturizing intensities as the seasons or other conditions change.

Many moisturizers can protect against sun damage in addition to locking in moisture. Individuals who spend a lot of time outside would be wise to choose a moisturizer for normal skin that contains an SPF of at least 15. Moisturizers with added sunscreen may be slightly more expensive than regular moisturizers, but dermatologists argue that the added sun protection, which can help prevent wrinkles, chapped, sunburned skin, and skin cancer, more than makes up for any extra cost. Remember to reapply the moisturizer with SPF if you are outside for several hours or after swimming or or doing other activities that can dry the skin and remove the sunscreen.



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