How Do I Choose the Best Mobile Workshop?

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In order to choose the best mobile workshop, you will need to consider factors such as the type of work you do and your budget. Many different vehicles and trailers can be used as mobile workshops, and each offers different benefits to a work space. A cargo or delivery van with a raised roof can serve as a very convenient mobile workshop, but a large trailer or modular cargo container can provide a substantial amount of interior space. Some businesses have specific requirements, such as electricity, in which case you will need to choose a mobile workshop that has electrical wiring and either a generator or a plug that can be connected when you reach a job site. If your budget is tight, you can consider buying an old step van or box truck to convert into a workshop, though purchasing a unit that has already been set up can be more convenient.

Mobile workshops can be useful to tradesmen and professionals in all different lines of work, so choosing the best one is highly dependent on the individual situation. If you are a mechanic or plumber, and you will be doing the bulk of your work outside the actual vehicle, head room may not be a top priority. In that case a cargo van that has enough space to carry your tools, and other items such as a generator or compressor, may be sufficient.


If you are a handyman who plans on fixing appliances or other items inside your mobile workshop, you may want to choose a step van or box truck that has enough head room for you to stand up and walk around. Hair stylists, pet groomers and other people who invite clients inside their work area may also want to choose a similar vehicle or even a custom converted motor home. Another way to set up a mobile workshop with a substantial amount of interior space is to use a trailer instead of a motorized vehicle. Converted travel trailers, utility trailers, and even modular cargo containers can all provide a lot of interior space for a workshop.

Another important choice when selecting a mobile workshop is whether to perform the conversion yourself, or buy a professionally outfitted unit. If your budget is tight, and you are in the initial stages of going into business for yourself, converting your own mobile workshop may be the best option. This can allow you to purchase a low priced used cargo van, box truck, or step van, and outfit it as time and money permit. You might consider loading the vehicle with your tools, and then adding additional components storage units, a generator, internal wiring and other items. In some cases you may even be able to find a delivery or refrigerator van that has already been wired for electricity, which can make the conversion process substantially easier.



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