How Do I Choose the Best MMO for Kids?

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People of all ages, including kids, may be interested in playing a massively multiplayer online game (MMO). If you suspect your child might enjoy this type of online game, then there are a few things to consider when trying to choose the best for your child's personality. You first should decide whether the content of the MMO you are considering would be both suitable and enjoyable for your child. You also should note that parental controls can offer some peace of mind if you are worried about excessive time spent gaming or inappropriate conduct during the game. Cost likely will be another consideration, because the typical MMO for kids is not completely free.

One of the most important details to think about when choosing an MMO for kids is the content in the game. It not only should appeal to the child in question but also be age-appropriate. For example, younger children often enjoy colorful graphics akin to cartoons, while older children might prefer Internet games with a more realistic appearance. In addition, you should make sure the subject matter is suitable for the child, because some MMO themes may not be fitting for kids who are not yet able to understand that online games are not based in reality and should not be copied in real life. While the age of the child often matters when making this decision, you also should consider the maturity level, because this may vary from one child to another.


If you are unsure whether the multiplayer video game that you are considering is the best one, then you may be able to quell some of your concerns by activating parental controls. The average MMO for kids boasts a few features that only parents can control, because they require passwords. You can use parental controls to moderate the amount of time the child spends playing the game, and you may even be able to control whether he can communicate with other players while playing. You also may be able to keep track of the activities the child has completed in an MMO for kids, because some games record any actions or communications that have taken place within the MMO.

Another consideration is the cost of the game. You likely can find several online games that are free to install and play, though some games that cost no money upfront do have a monthly charge. The most popular MMOs tend to have both an upfront cost and a monthly fee, so this is something to consider before choosing a good MMO for kids. If you decide to get one that costs money, you may want to determine beforehand whether you or the child will pay for it so you are not unexpectedly left paying for it.



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