How Do I Choose the Best Mini Skillet?

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When selecting a mini skillet, you should decide whether you want a traditional or electric skillet and which material you want your skillet to be made from. Another consideration is the surface of your skillet. If you plan to use the skillet to make eggs or other delicate foods, you may want to choose a nonstick surface. The size of your skillet may also be a consideration, as different manufacturers may define “mini” differently, resulting in a significant size disparity between products. Finally, set a budget for your purchase and shop accordingly.

A skillet is a handled pan with a wide base and low sides that is used for frying or searing foods on a stovetop. Skillets come in several different sizes, and some people appreciate having a mini skillet on hand for cooking small quantities of food, such as one egg or even a small hamburger patty. Another concern is being able to use and store a pan in a very small kitchen, such as those found in recreational vehicles or even efficiency apartments. Many skillets vary in size, some of them having a diameter as small as 3.5 inches (8.89 cm), while others may have a diameter of 6 inches (15.24 cm) or more. If the size of your mini skillet is important to you, be sure to check its measurements before making a purchase.


Cookware is made from many different materials, so you will need to choose a mini skillet made from a material with which you are comfortable. Some mini skillets are made from a ceramic material that can be used on both a stovetop as well as the oven, making these skillets quite versatile, as they can be used to both bake and fry foods. Cast-iron skillets are also well regarded for their ability to heat foods evenly and encourage browning while also protecting food against burning.

Some companies sell electric mini skillets, which are appliances that plug into a wall outlet so that you do not need a stovetop burner to cook food. The use of an electric skillet is a matter of personal preference as well as your own circumstances. If you don't have access to a stovetop, an electric mini skillet can be a great thing to have on hand. If you have a stovetop that works just fine, however, another appliance may just take up more space in your kitchen.



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