How Do I Choose the Best Mineral Powder Foundation?

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If you are interested in choosing a mineral powder foundation, you should sample several brands and colors before investing in a full-size jar. Sampling is important because each type of mineral powder foundation may be formulated differently and may be prepared in different shades. You'll want to find a mineral powder foundation that provides you with adequate sun protection, looks natural, and feels well on your face. You should also select a foundation that lasts a long time and that does not irritate your skin. Finally, you will want to consider the cost of any foundation that you buy, as there can be a significant difference in price depending on the brand and formula that you choose.

In many cases, it is easy to obtain samples of mineral powder foundation to try out at home before making a decision about a purchase. Bring the sample home and try it for a day or two. Be sure to observe your skin indoors and in natural sunlight. Pay attention to how your foundation looks at the end of the day as well. A good mineral powder foundation won't take on a cakey appearance during the day, nor will it make your skin look shiny or settle into fine lines and pores. At the same time, you want to make sure that the foundation provides you with appropriate coverage and helps to conceal uneven skin tone and dark circles.


Some types of mineral powder foundation include either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, both of which can act as a sunscreen. It should be noted, however, that different mineral powder foundations may offer varying degrees of sun protection. If you don't plan to use a separate sunscreen with your foundation, you should make sure that the foundation of your choice has been tested and found to provide a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15. While some people choose to wear mineral powder foundation because it does not contain skin-irritating ingredients, it is also true that some people will still have a reaction to some of the minerals used in a mineral powder foundation. If you find that one brand triggers a reaction, try out another one.

Many companies sell mineral cosmetics, and their price points may vary widely. While your first concern should be for finding a foundation that works well with your skin, you may be able to save some money by trying out less expensive brands to see if they can match the performance of high-end formulations. You may also wish to find out if the company that produces mineral foundation also produces other types of mineral makeup that you can incorporate into your beauty routine.



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