How do I Choose the Best Microbiology Class?

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It’s difficult to say which is the best microbiology class for every student. Someone may merely be interested in taking a class to see what it’s like, or they may want to study it as part of pre-med studies or science studies that qualify students to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Others major in this subject, and will naturally be looking for courses that meet major requirements and that pose an intellectual challenge or complement their major.

For the incoming college student, there might not be an appropriate microbiology class, although occasionally there are theoretical introductions for non-science majors. Standard college microbiology courses that are the foundation of the major tend to presuppose some previously acquired knowledge in the fields of biology and chemistry. Students should take these first if they haven’t yet, as they often help with studies.


Science majors and anyone preparing for MCATs would want to take a good introduction to microbiology that includes some lab time. Medical students will see this subject again too, usually in first and second year medical school studies. The reason it is so important for those in the sciences and in the medical sciences is because so much happens on the microbiological scale. It is in this area that many questions about diseases get answered. It may therefore be important for anyone who is studying in public health, epidemiology, or in health care disciplines like nursing to take at least one microbiology class.

Students who are majoring in this area may have a completely different set of requirements to fulfill when they look at their course schedules. Obviously, when they select classes they’ll need to pay attention to what they’ve studied so far to be certain that it meets new microbiology class prerequisites. Students also need to consult with a good advisor, often a teacher, to determine how to fulfill all requirements for the major.

There are usually some classes that are optional at the undergraduate level and these will be the ones from which students can choose. Each student's choice will vary based on interest, subject matter, and future plans. Some students really want to study again with an amazing professor who is offering a class, or find an upper level class that is simply intriguing. However, things like scheduling of required classes can be as much a determinant, when choosing a microbiology class, as is personal interest.

Essentially no right way exists to choose the best microbiology class except to figure out what is needed and head in that direction. Students can, however, choose great classes, fun classes or needed classes. These help them acquire knowledge, enhance career options or fulfill graduation requirements.



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