How do I Choose the Best Methods of Facial Wart Removal?

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There are several methods available for facial wart removal, and choosing the best one for you can depend on a number of things. You may prefer to let a doctor treat you in his or her office, using laser treatment or liquid nitrogen. Home medical treatments such as salicylic acid are also available, but may take longer and require repeated applications. If you want to use natural methods, you may choose to try methods such as aloe vera gel or apple cider vinegar, but they may take time and effort. Another possible alternative is placing duct tape over the wart; this method has been reported effective for many people, but is not always practical when going out in public.

A doctor can provide some options for facial wart removal. He or she may use liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart; this treatment needs to be done two to four times over the course of several weeks. Laser treatment is another option which can be used to burn or cut out the wart; it is quick and typically effective, but may leave a scar. You should discuss the options with your doctor to determine which medical treatment is best for you.


Another medical treatment for facial wart removal that can be purchased over the counter is salicylic acid. This medicine is readily available and can be applied topically to the wart each day. This method does usually take several weeks to clear the wart completely.

Natural methods of facial wart removal may be best for you if you prefer to avoid medical treatments. Some people have found some success applying aloe vera gel to their warts on a daily basis. Putting apple cider vinegar on a wart twice a day may also clear it. These treatments can take time, however, so the wart may be present for several weeks.

Another facial wart removal method that many people report works very well is placing duct tape over the wart. Leaving a piece of duct tape over the wart and the surrounding skin is supposed to lead the body's immune system to attack the wart and destroy it. This method does take awhile to work, however, and can cause irritation in the surrounding skin. It also requires having a piece of duct tape on your face, so it may not be convenient for you if you have to be out in public frequently.



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@anamur-- Have you tried apple cider vinegar? I heard it works really well.

I personally like the liquid nitrogen procedure. It doesn't hurt and the wart falls off in a week.

Post 2

@anamur-- I'm not a doctor or anything, but I think scarring is a risk with most wart removal methods.

I had a wart on my face about five years ago and I was terrified about treating it as you are. My doctor gave me a facial wart remover cream that I applied several times a day for about a week. The wart disappeared and did not leave a scar. So unless you have a very large or stubborn wart, a cream or another topical treatment is probably the best way to go.

Post 1

Which wart removal method is scar-free?

I've had skin wart removal done on my hands before with liquid nitrogen treatment, but the treatment left small scars where the warts were. I don't mind a small scar on my hands, but I don't want one on my face. I need to know that the treatment I use is not going to leave a scar or change in pigmentation.

Is there such a wart removal method or do they all have the risk of leaving scars?

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