How do I Choose the Best Method of Natural Ant Control?

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When choosing natural ant control methods, you should look for those which are safe for humans and pets, inexpensive, and effective. There is no reason to spend a lot of money when choosing a bug repellent, because many options are probably in your home’s cupboards. You may wish to combine several methods for the greatest effects, although this often isn’t necessary.

There are several herbs and spices which can be used as natural ant control. Many of them are very common and are not hard to find. Black pepper, cayenne pepper, rosemary, and mint have all been shown to repel ants and other insects. Sprinkle them by your doors and windows to keep bugs from entering, or use natural soaps and cleansers made from these ingredients to scrub floors and cabinets where ants may hide.

You can also create sprays to use for natural ant control. Combine vinegar and water in a bottle and spray it anywhere you think ants may be. You can also use this solution for your household cleaning to thwart bugs in all areas of your home. For a cleaner smell, you can combine mint or rosemary essential oils with water and spray all around your home as well. Some studies have also shown that chalk can be used for natural ant control. Just draw a thick chalk line outdoors and ants will not walk over it.


Certain landscaping options may also help repel ants. Cedar chips or furniture are natural bug repellents, as well as certain plants. You can grow the herbs mentioned previously around your yard, as well as plants such as rue, tansy, and pennyroyal. These options may also repel other insects, like mosquitoes and fleas.

There are commercial ant repellents on the market which are made from natural ingredients. Many are made from the same ingredients you can combine yourself, although they may contain stronger concentrations. If your own homemade methods do not have the effects you desire a commercial strength option may work more effectively.

To get the best results, combine various options. Although many times natural ant control methods are usually effective, if ants become a serious problem you should contact an exterminator. Some use natural repellents and killers which dissolve insects from the outside, although chemical methods are sometimes still necessary. If you do use a pesticide-based ant repellent, be sure to thoroughly wash all surfaces after each application.



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