How do I Choose the Best Method of Flea Extermination?

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Flea extermination is a multistage process that requires that you kill fleas, their larvae, and their eggs in both infested spaces and on any carriers, such as pets. There are several flea extermination products on the market that you can use to eradicate a flea infestation from your home, though you may wish to hire a professional to do this for you. You also need to de-flea domestic pets and take steps to prevent their re-infestation.

Once you have determined that a pet is infested by fleas, you should quarantine the pet to prevent other pets from getting fleas. You should wash linens, slipcovers, and other items and dry them in a hot dryer to help kill off any larvae or eggs. Place a flea collar in your vacuum bag and vacuum rugs and carpets on a daily basis. You may also want to steam clean your rugs and carpets. If the flea situation is serious, you may want to use flea sprays or bug bombs or countertop foggers, all forms of insecticides, as a means of flea extermination.


If you are living with children or have people who are sensitive to chemicals in your home, you may want to look into professional extermination services. If you continue to try different products, you may end up with the buildup of toxic chemicals in your home. An exterminator may be able to performing flea extermination much more quickly and efficiently than you can. If you are using a fogger, make sure that your food, dishes, and cooking utensils are all stored so that they won't be exposed to the fogger's spray. Never remain in a home that is being fogged for fleas.

You're infested pets will need to be dealt with separately. Never use a household bug spray on a pet. Instead, read labels carefully and select a flea collar and a dip, spray or shampoo suited to your pet's species, size and age. If in doubt, call your vet and ask for assistance. Your vet may be able to guide you toward an appropriate product for your pet.

You may have to apply a flea shampoo or dip to a pet, as sprays may not always be completely effective. Place a flea collar on the pet after completing the treatment in order to prevent a recurrence of fleas. If your pet gets fleas again and brings them into your home, you may have to repeat the entire process of flea extermination.



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