How do I Choose the Best Method of Electric Bill Payment?

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The best method of electric bill payment is the method that is most convenient for you, and which allows you the most control over paying the bill. Some people find that paying their electric bill through an automatic debit each month is most convenient, while others are uncomfortable with that method. Mailing a check or money order is another option, as well as putting it on a credit card. Others choose to make an electric bill payment in person in order to use cash, but it is important to obtain a receipt for this method to verify that the bill was paid.

More and more companies are pushing automatic electric bill payment through an automatic withdrawal from a checking account or a regular charge to a credit card. Paperless billing is more eco-friendly and prevents missed or late payments. Of course, it also requires giving the company access to the account, which some people do not wish to do. In addition, if there is a mistake on the bill, the funds are often withdrawn before the mistake can be corrected, which could potentially lead to other issues with the credit card company or with bounced checks. For people who want the most convenient bill paying options, however, this is generally the best way to go.


A similar option is using the electronic bill pay service from your bank. The advantage of this method is that you must still authorize the payment each month, allowing you direct control over the payments. The disadvantage is that many banks charge for this service, though the fee may be waved depending upon the type of account that you have.

Paying a bill by mail, such as by sending a check or money order, is one of the most secure methods of electric bill payment. Individuals can then keep records of the bills that were paid, and can check the bill for any errors before making a payment. This requires remembering to send the payment on time each month, however. Some companies also offer the option for people to make a one-time credit card payment, rather than a recurring charge on the credit card, rather than sending a check or money order.

If the electric company is local, electric bill payment in person with cash is another option. People generally only do this if they cannot obtain a checking account or credit card, due to an issue such as very poor credit. It is very important to receive a receipt when paying a bill in cash, to prove that it was paid in case mistakes are made in the future. For any of these methods, some people choose to pay more than is owed in order to pay the bill ahead and avoid exorbitant bills, such as in the winter when heating costs go up or in the summer when the air conditioning is on.



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