How Do I Choose the Best Men's Shower Gel?

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The most important part of choosing a men’s shower gel is determining exactly what it is you are looking for: gels come in a variety of sizes, scents, and textures. Without some sense of your specific needs, the variety of available products can be overwhelming. Take stock of your shower habits before heading to the store to make finding the right match as simple as possible.

Purpose is the first thing you should consider. Shower gel for men is commonly presented in 2-in-1 or even 3-in-1 formats that combine shampoo, conditioner, or shave gel with the basic soap. Combined gels work well for men in a hurry and are popular for on-the-go showering, particularly at the gym. Just the same, many men prefer to use dedicated shampoos and conditioners and want to keep their soap separate.

Even amongst men’s shower gel products that are soap-only, there is a great deal of variety when it comes to texture and purpose. Some gels are designed to be body scrubs and contain exfoliating beads or other rough particles that will slough off dead skin while cleansing. Men with sensitive skin may benefit from gels formulated with hypoallergenic ingredients or that include natural moisturizers like aloe, while men who lead active lifestyles may be more interested in a gel that promotes itself as both cleansing and deodorizing. If you have a basic sense of your needs, you will have an easier time identifying the main contenders.


The next thing to think about is smell. Male shower gel is rarely as flowery as products designed for women, but almost always carries some scent. Smells can range from the intense to the understated, and the titles — like “ocean,” “energy,” or “lightning” — rarely give many hints as to what is inside. To avoid being disappointed, open the caps of any shower gels you are considering in the store and take a sniff. Men’s shower gel scents rarely stick to the skin after a shower, but an unappealing scent can detract from the experience.

Deciding how much you want to spend is also a factor. The price points of men’s shower gel products run the gamut from bargain to designer. Setting a budget can help you narrow down the options. You can also look for trial or travel sizes of gels that you are not sure about to try them out before committing to a entire bottle. Small bottles of men's shower gel are usually inexpensive and can be a good way of testing out a variety of similar products side by side.



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Post 4

I use ToppCock All-In-One shower gel. It's formulated to cleanse hair and skin, making baths totally fuzz free. It lathers well rinses off easily, leaving hair and skin soft. I also like the subtle masculine fragrance.

Post 3

I feel like some shower gels take forever to wash off. You would expect that they would just rinse away in water but they seem to linger on the skin as if they were made of honey.

I bought one that was just terrible. I used it three or four times and even though the bottle was still mostly full I threw it away. It just was not worth it.

Post 2

I use an exfoliating shower gel that has done wonders for my skin. The mild abrasion of the exfoliating beads really helps to give me smoother and more evenly toned skin.

Post 1

Smell is what is most important to me in a shower gel. I know that all of them are going to get me clean and these days most of them will not dry your skin out. That just leaves the smell, and there is a lot of variation in this area.

I prefer a subtle smell. Some of the ones I have had in the past have a smell as strong as cologne. I do not want people to be able to smell my shower gel from across the room. I want them to be able to smell it when they have their nose pressed against my skin.

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