How do I Choose the Best Men's Shampoo?

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When choosing the best men’s shampoo, it is important to note that there isn’t one shampoo that is best for everyone. Choosing men's shampoo is often a trial-and-error process. There are shampoos commonly marketed for normal hair, though, and these shampoos would likely be fine for any man who has never noticed any problems with his hair. Such hair issues might include greasy or oily hair, dry or flaky scalp, or thinning hair. Many of these concerns can be addressed with the right hair product, including men's shampoo.

Shampoo prices can vary widely, as can a person's budget for personal grooming products. When choosing a men's shampoo by price, it is helpful to decide how important the appearance and health of one’s hair is. If manageable, healthy, handsome hair is important to someone, then a more expensive shampoo might be the way to go.

Shampoo is meant to rid hair of unwanted buildup. This buildup, made up of oil, dirt, dead skin, and other particles, can be detrimental to hair health. It is important, however, not to over-wash the hair and scalp, because the maintenance of the proper amount of sebum is also necessary. Sebum, which is a waxy, naturally-occurring lubricant, is necessary to maintain a healthy head of hair.


So, even if one chooses the best men's shampoo for himself, it is important to practice the proper cleansing regimen. Some men need to wash their hair twice daily, whereas others wash their hair every several days. Most men wash their hair every morning. Some men simply use the same shampoo as their wives or families, which generally works just fine. Men's shampoo may just have a more masculine odor.

Men with shaggy haircuts are generally warned to steer clear of creamy shampoos for dry hair. These are meant to further lubricate and condition each lock of hair. Longer hair collects and distributes buildup more than shorter hair, so longer hair may need to be washed with a normal shampoo or shampoo for oily hair.

A man with thinning hair may want to find a men’s shampoo marketed with the terms “for thicker hair” or “for fuller hair.” These men's shampoos are meant to open the hair cuticle, causing it to swell. The swollen strands of hair should help create a fuller head of hair. Some hair stylists and scientists say these don't always work as advertised, though.

When choosing a shampoo for dry hair, be very cautious. Dry hair, dry scalp, and dandruff are different ailments. Dandruff is a scalp disorder, whereas dry hair might just be due to genetics or improper hair care. A doctor’s opinion is necessary in severe cases of dandruff, when prescription dandruff shampoos may be ordered.

Some men also shampoo their beards. Men that do this should be warned that shampoo is typically only manufactured for the hair. Though it’s safe to touch skin, of course, shampoo should be rubbed lightly onto a beard so as not to spur any facial breakouts.



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