How do I Choose the Best Menopause Books?

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To choose the best menopause books, it is best to do some research on your own ahead of time. You might check some books out of the library, read reviews online, or ask a doctor or friends for recommendations. You should also consider your unique situation when choosing menopause books; consider whether or not you have any specific health concerns, such as osteoporosis or a family history of cancer, or if you have any other specific issues that you want to be addressed in the books. In addition, when choosing menopause books, consider how easy it is to find information in the book. An index might be helpful, for example, if you just want to look up an answer to a specific question.

When choosing menopause books, it is often possible to read excerpts for free online, if it is not possible to take the book out of the library to read through it first and see if it will be helpful. If nothing else, it is often possible to find a listing of the topics included in the books. Many menopause books are very similar and contain much of the same information; so you may choose to look for a book published by a well known doctor or someone who is an expert in the subject matter.


If you are concerned about a specific aspect of dealing with menopause, you might choose a book that addresses just that concern. For example, there are many books about making dietary changes, taking herbal supplements, and making an exercise plan that are intended to help lessen some of the negative effects of menopause. You might look for books about menopause and mental health, if you are experiencing significant stress, anxiety, or other mood changes such as depression. Some books are purely factual and science-based, while others provide other methods of dealing with mood changes, such as through relaxation practices or meditation.

A doctor will often be the best source for discovering menopause books. He or she may be able to recommend books that other patients have found helpful. Other medical professionals may be helpful as well; in addition, asking friends or family members for recommendations is a good idea. Finally, if you do not have anyone to ask personally, start searching online. Websites where books are sold frequently allow users to post reviews of purchased books. Many of the reviews are extensive and very helpful regarding the information that can be found within the books.



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