How Do I Choose the Best Meditation Program?

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There are many things you can consider when you are trying to choose the best meditation program. Among them are your personal goals for meditation and the methods that will most likely help you meet them. You might also considered whether you'd prefer a religious-based program or one that uses secular techniques. Whether or not a program requires you to maintain a certain position or remain still for extended periods of time may influence your choice as well. Additionally, you can try some of the methods you are considering before you make a final choice.

Your goal for meditation may be one of the most important considerations when you are trying to choose the best program. For example, your goal may be stress relief and relaxation, or you may want to meditate to improve your concentration. You might even choose to meditate for the chance to enjoy a range of health benefits. In many cases, you can access research online that may prove helpful for determining which methods of meditating are likely to prove the most beneficial for your personal goals.


When you are trying to choose the best meditation program, you might also consider whether you are comfortable with one that is religion based. If religious associations will make you uncomfortable, you might feel better served by choosing one that is not religious. On the other hand, you also have the option of using the religion-based techniques you appreciate and adapting them so they do not interfere with your own religious beliefs.

You can also consider the position in which you will have to meditate when you are trying to choose the best meditation program. Some may require you to sit in a specific position, such as with your legs crossed, and others may involve staying still and seated for a significant amount of time. If getting into certain positions is difficult for you or you cannot remain in position for a long time without experiencing pain, you may decide that another type of meditation program is best for you.

One way to choose a meditation program involves the trial-and-error process — you can try a few of the methods that appeal to you and then compare them. When making the comparisons, you might consider such things as how you feel during the meditation process as well as when you are done. You may also consider any special equipment you need for the meditation program. Likewise, it's important to think about whether you will be able to perform the meditation on a regular basis.



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