How Do I Choose the Best Meditation Music?

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Choose your meditation music according to the type of meditation you plan to engage in. For very basic seated forms of meditation, consider melodies that are very light, that are not distracting and that help you ease into relaxed, but focused concentration. If you plan to engage in meditation dancing, walking or other types of meditation that require movement, it may help to select music with more pronounced beats and rhythms. Regardless of the type of meditation music you choose, only choose styles that do not distract you from meditating.

While meditation equipment is not generally needed, many find that music helps while meditating. Some meditation techniques, such as dance meditation, rely on music to assist in ushering relaxing thoughts while doing meditation. When considering meditation music, try to select music that was especially created for this practice as it is less likely to consist of distracting lyrics or complicated melodies that can draw your attention away from meditating. You may discover meditation songs that contain vocals, but these will generally consist of meditation chants, where a particular mantra is repeated throughout the song without overpowering the song or the individual listening to it.


To assist you in determining the type of meditation music you prefer, visit online sites that offer free meditation music for samples or entire songs that you can download without cost. By doing so, you will begin to develop a preference for different types of meditation music and eventually settle on one or more styles that match the types of meditation you practice. You may also visit brick and mortar music stores that allow you to listen to music samples before making a purchase.

One of the primary benefits of meditation music is to help you achieve a certain state of consciousness. Another benefit is to help you relax and block out environmental distractions while meditating. Many of the meditation songs you hear while endeavoring to make your personal selections will likely consist of nature sounds with light, melodic rhythms that follow very simple patterns. Others that are designed for dancing or walking meditation may feature pulsating drum beats and louder rhythms, but you will notice that, despite more pronounced tones, the music allows you to find a comfortable pace without being mentally distracting. You may find it necessary to choose more than one type of meditation music, especially if you regularly practice more than one type of meditation.



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