How do I Choose the Best MCAT&Reg; Books?

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The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT®) is a standardized exam required for admission to many medical schools, and students can study for it by using MCAT® books. Choosing the best MCAT® books will be based on several factors, including cost, depth of the material, breadth of subjects covered, and additional study materials. Solid reviews, either from online sources or from fellow test takers, are also good guidelines to follow to find the best MCAT® guide.

Cost is often one of the most important factors for many individuals looking to purchase MCAT® prep books. Some study materials can be rented at the library for free, but others may cost well over $200 US Dollars (USD) for a complete study set. Those preparing for the MCAT® test should look into the different price options and choose the best and most comprehensive books for their budget.

The depth of the material covered by the study books is also an important consideration, as some students will have more time to devote to studying than others. For individuals who intend to spend a great deal of time preparing for the MCAT® exam, a study book that covers material to a great amount of depth and detail might be best. Individuals who need a quick review of the major concepts might find a highly detailed study book overwhelming, and instead may prefer MCAT® books that emphasize the main broad concepts.

Similar to the depth of the material, the breadth of material covered is also important. There are numerous MCAT® books available for specific subjects, such as organic and general chemistry, biology, physics, and the verbal and writing sections. Medical school applicants who feel confident in some subjects but need help with others may find these specific books to be the best study tools, as they allow for a more customized study experience. These same individuals might not benefit as much from a complete study package, as they would be paying extra for study materials that they wouldn’t need.

The inclusion of additional study materials to accompany the MCAT® books is another consideration to make when choosing the best books. Some companies offer additional elements to the study package, which may include flashcards, full-length practice exams, or compact discs (CDs) containing more review of the material. Test takers should examine how they learn best to find out which of these additional materials would offer the greatest benefit. For example, auditory learners might prefer CDs for extra review, while visual learners might prefer flashcards.


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