How do I Choose the Best Maternity Nightwear?

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If you want to choose the best maternity nightwear, you should carefully consider whether you want pajama-style nightwear or a maternity night gown. It's also a good idea to be selective about the type of material your maternity nightwear is made from. The size of the nightwear you choose is also important because you will obviously need a bigger size than you are used to wearing to ensure you will be comfortable during the last few months of your pregnancy. There are also some types of nightwear for expecting mothers that feature tops with easy nursing access, and this type of nightwear may be the perfect choice for you to wear not only just before you have a baby, but also just after you have a baby, particularly if you intend to breastfeed.


When it comes to maternity nightwear, choosing between pajamas or gowns is typically a matter of personal preference. Some women find they are more comfortable in pajama-style nightwear, while other women prefer gowns. Many different kinds of nightwear, particularly night gowns, have a tendency to ride up on the body during sleep, and this problem may become worse during your pregnancy as your stomach begins to expand. To ensure your comfort while you sleep, you should also be careful about the type of material your maternity nightwear is made from. Breathable cotton is probably best to help prevent you from sweating too excessively, and it might also be a good idea to look for material with a little bit of stretchiness to it so that it can expand as the shape of your body changes.

It will probably be difficult to know exactly how large you will become if you are shopping for maternity nightwear early on in your pregnancy, which can make it hard to know what size maternity nightwear to buy. You may want to consider waiting until you are either nearing the end of your second trimester or entering your third trimester before you shop for nightwear, because by that time you should have a better idea of what size you need. Many women become excited about shopping for maternity clothes not long after they discover they are pregnant, and as a result they end up buying maternity clothing and nightwear that are either much too small or too large for what they end up needing. As a general rule, most women find that they require clothing and nightwear roughly two sizes larger than what they normally wear while they are pregnant, but you should probably hold off on buying anything until you have a better idea of how large you might become.

If you are planning to breastfeed, you might want to look for maternity nightwear that features a top with nursing access. You can get both pajamas and night gowns with this feature. Some types of maternity nightwear with nursing access have built-in bras with easy-to-open flaps so you can nurse your baby, while others do not have built-in bras and may just feature slits in the top that you can push to the side for nursing as needed. Maternity nightwear with nursing access may be a good choice to take along with you to the hospital because it could serve the purpose of ensuring your comfort as you wait to deliver while also making it easier for you to nurse your baby once she arrives.



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