How Do I Choose the Best Master Bedroom Furniture?

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Choosing master bedroom furniture that will fit your needs and sense of style at the same time requires some time and thought. First, measure the room and plan a rough layout for furniture placement; this will give you a better chance of purchasing pieces that fit in your room. Then, determine how much storage space you need and for what you intend to use the bedroom. Looking through different design magazines or walking around furniture stores can also give you a good idea of what your options are, and help you to decide whether you want to purchase separate pieces or a package deal.

No matter how much you like a certain piece of master bedroom furniture, it will not work if it does not fit in the room. Before you start choosing, take detailed measurements of the entire bedroom, including the locations of doors, windows, and even outlets. You can draw the room on a piece of graph paper to scale or use an online, free room planner to input the measurements. From this point, you can get an estimate of what type of furniture will fit in the space, including what size bed it can accommodate and where all of the pieces will work best.


While you definitely want beautiful furniture, it is most important that it will function in your everyday life. Take a rough inventory of how much clothing and other items you keep in the room to determine how much drawer space and shelving you will need. If you have the space for a sitting area, you may want to factor in what type of seating, shelving, and side tables you want, depending on whether the room is just for you, or for you and a significant other.

Buying master bedroom furniture can be a relatively large investment when compared to other purchases. For this reason, it is typically best not to go out one day and purchase an entire set, as this can result in buyer’s remorse later on. Look through interior design magazines or websites to get ideas for different types of decor. Doing this can often open you up to concepts and styles that you may not have thought of before, and give you the best chance of ending up with master bedroom furniture that suits your style.

Walking through a variety of furniture stores before making any purchases will not only let you see what is available in your area, but will also give you a general idea of what stores will give you the best deal. When choosing master bedroom furniture, you will typically have the option of purchasing an entire package or separate pieces. By looking through different stores before making any decisions, you can see if any one store has a package that meets all of your needs and wants, or if you will have to go to several stores to purchase an entire set.



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