How Do I Choose the Best Mascara Remover?

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When choosing mascara remover, it is important to take into consideration the type of mascara that you use, the sensitivity of your eyes, and the affordability of the product. If you regularly use waterproof mascara, for example, you may need a stronger eye makeup remover than you would if you normally use standard mascara. If your eyes and skin are extremely sensitive, you will also want to make sure that you choose a gentle mascara remover that is fragrance free. If possible, get samples of different types of mascara remover so that you can try them out at home to determine which is the best product for you. Once you have found one or more eye makeup removers that you like, you may wish to compare costs and choose the remover that is most affordable.

If possible, try to find a mascara remover that is also oil free. Oil-based eye makeup removers can leave a residue that may cause subsequent eye makeup applications to wear off quickly. You may find, however, that some waterproof mascaras are easiest to remove with an oil-based makeup remover. If you regularly use waterproof mascara, it may be in your best interest to use an effective oil-based product because a less effective mascara remover may cause you to tug and pull on your lashes while removing your mascara, resulting in damage to your lashes.


Many people have sensitive eyes, and the skin around your eyes can also be easily irritated. Find a mascara remover that is both fragrance and color free to minimize your chances of experiencing eye irritation. Another thing to consider is that some so-called natural mascara and makeup removers may contain herbal extracts that can trigger an allergic reaction in your eyes. Read ingredient labels carefully and choose products that are free of potential irritants.

Talk to cosmetic department salespeople and asked if it is possible to get a sample of their mascara remover so that you can try out the product for yourself. Bring the samples home with you and try using them over a period of a couple of days. Ideally, you want an eye makeup remover that removes your mascara and eye makeup thoroughly without forcing you to rub your delicate eye area. Although you may need to try several brands before finding the right one, the importance of effective mascara removal is significant, so keep trying until you find a mascara remover that works.



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