How do I Choose the Best Marketing Career Development?

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The best marketing career development will depend on which type of marketing you are involved in and how much education you have already completed. A self-employed marketing professional, for example, may not have even finished college before getting started in his or her career, while someone who works in an ad agency probably has a college degree. If you have a particular career goal in mind, you must determine what level of education and experience is required in order to obtain it.

If you are aiming for a position that requires a level of formal education that you have not attained, you will likely need to either start or complete your college education. This can be done at a local university or through online classes, and the level you will need to acquire will depend on the position you are after. Visit local schools and find ones with flexible schedules to allow you to continue in your current job, and discuss financial aid options with student advisors.


If you already have a college or advanced degree in marketing or advertising, the best marketing career development for you may involve joining an association. This is a group of professionals within the same industry who offer ongoing educational opportunities, articles, magazines, and other ways to advance in the field and stay on top of emerging trends. Occasional seminars and meetings may also be offered to allow many professionals to offer ideas and feedback to one another. To find an association, do an online search using the keywords “marketing association.”

For ongoing training and education, the best marketing career development may simply involve reading books and trade journals about your industry. This is especially useful for highly educated professionals who simply want to keep ahead of the game by learning about new techniques and strategies being used by others in the field. Self-teaching is a less expensive option to continuing on a more formal educational route, while still offering many benefits.

Networking with colleagues and coworkers is also one of the best marketing career development strategies. Instead of competing with those you work with, share ideas and concepts with one another so that the company as a whole can benefit. If you are self-employed you may also choose to network with other business owners by creating a group of marketing professionals. In the event that hanging out with your competition doesn’t appeal to you, consider forming a group with related individuals who do not compete with you. This may mean only sharing tips with those who only work in a niche industry, or with professionals who specialize in something that you do not focus as much energy on.



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