How Do I Choose the Best Manicure Bar?

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If you are opening your own nail salon or purchasing new equipment for your existing business, a manicure bar can provide an efficient, clean looking space to provide clients with manicures. When choosing a manicure bar, it is important to determine how the equipment will work in the existing space and whether it will work well with the overall style of your salon. It is also important to decide how much storage you need per station and choose a bar that provides all of the essentials. To keep your salon looking clean and well-maintained, choose finishes that will be easy to maintain. Take into account the comfort of both your customers and employees by choosing a bar with padded armrests and ample lighting.

A manicure bar is a single, long piece of equipment that allows for several workspaces in one piece. Due to its size, it is important to make sure that the bar will work well with the existing decor in your salon, as a bar is more likely to look out of place than a single station in a different finish. Make sure that the piece is large enough to accommodate the aestheticians and customers, while still allowing for ample movement around the manicure bar. Your salon should have enough space on either side of the bar for customers and employees to easily back their chairs up and walk out.


The best manicure bars allow the workspace to be kept clutter-free by offering ample storage underneath. A collection of drawers, cabinets, and open shelving will provide good storage for the tools used to provide a manicure. It is also often a good idea to make sure that each section of the manicure bar has room for the aesthetician to perform services while still displaying different nail polish colors from which clients can choose. You can select a piece that has enough room for a movable display piece or one that has a built-in small rack.

Keeping your space clean and well-maintained is important when running a nail salon. While the manicure bar should fit into the overall decor of your salon, it is also important that it is easy to clean. Choosing finishes for the top of the workspace from which stains can be easily removed and that can be kept relatively fingerprint-free can be useful. A manicure bar with clean lines is often easier to wipe down, as unneeded curves or corners in the bar are prone to collect dust and dirt.

Good manicure bars will make the salon experience comfortable for your customers and employees. Built-in lighting that can be adjusted according to the aesthetician’s needs will make providing professional manicures easier. It can also be helpful to choose a manicure bar with built-in padding for the customer’s arms. This can help to make the entire unit look cohesive and save you from having to find storage for armrests.



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