How do I Choose the Best Management Accounting School?

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Management accounting is also known as corporate accounting. A management accountant is a professional who works in house for one specific company, rather than with several client companies. In order to choose the best management accounting school, you first should determine which degree, certification, or training you wish to earn or achieve. Next, you should make sure that you have the proper credentials, degrees, or experience required to attend the school you are considering. Finally, it is important to consider the cost of attendance and the location of the school.

Different schools provide different degrees or certifications upon completion of programs. In order to choose the best management accounting school, you should decide which degree or certification you need. This will probably differ from location to location. In some instances, both a degree issued by a school and a certification issued by an accounting association may be required in order to legally practice as an accountant. In other instances, the degree or certification may be used only to show employers that job candidates have already demonstrated proficiency in the field.

It can also be helpful to keep in mind that schools may offer a variety of specializations for the different types of management accounting. For example, one management accounting school might offer a specialization in dealing with corporate taxes. Another might offer specialization in business strategy.


There is often much variation among accounting schools in terms of requirements for admittance. Some management accounting schools require that all students have certain degrees and minimum scores on relevant accounting tests. Others school may require completion of a certain degree, but do not require completion of a qualifying test. As a general rule, higher level schools, such as graduate programs, require more than lower level schools, such as undergraduate programs and associate degree programs.

Finally, schools also vary in terms of cost and location. When it comes to cost, the best management accounting school might be the one that you can pay for while acquiring a minimal amount of debt. Some people might choose a school based on its level of prestige, though, and may be willing to rack up some debt for the privilege of attending a highly-status school. Some aspiring management accounting students are eligible for scholarships and grants, which are applied toward costs such as tuition and book costs.

You can pursue a program of study in management accounting in many locations all over the world. Choose a school that is in a location where you think you would enjoy studying. If it is not realistic to commute or relocate to attend a management accounting school, you can consider an online program. These programs allow you to study any place where you have access to a reliable internet connection.



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