How Do I Choose the Best Makeup for Fair Skin?

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If you have fair skin, choosing the right cosmetics does not have to be difficult. One of the things you should consider when selecting makeup for fair skin is the color because soft pink and beige tones generally enhance a fair complexion. If you are exposed to the sun a great deal, you may want to pick fair skin makeup with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 in order to keep from being sunburned. You will present a more natural appearance if your lipstick and blush match, so you may want to consider a product that can double as both.

When choosing makeup for fair skin, it is important to start with your foundation. Light beige tones generally look best on someone with pale skin, but you do not want the makeup to be ghostly white. Try a dab of this product on the inside of your wrist to see how well it blends with your natural skin tone. If it is very noticeable, the foundation is too dark, but if it does not hide the blue veins located there it is too light.


It can also be helpful to find foundation that will keep you from getting sunburned. Look at the product label to see if it has an SPF of at least 15, especially if you are going to be spending a great deal of time outdoors. This is an important factor in makeup for fair skin on cloudy or sunny days, because your fair complexion can make your face more susceptible to sun damage than others areas.

Makeup for fair skin should include matching lipstick and blush whenever possible. If you find a shade of lipstick you like, you may want to dab a bit of it on your cheeks instead of powdered blush. You may also be able to buy a product that doubles as both lipstick or blush. Soft pink tones are a good choice, but those with a coral or apricot base also work well. Avoid extremely dark colors, such as deep red or dark purple, as these colors could be too harsh for your fair complexion.

Cool tones are generally best when choosing eye shadow. Some good colors to try are pale green, blue, peach, or violet, but hot pink or very dark brown colors could make you appear washed out. You may use more than one color of eye shadow on your lids, but this makeup should be well blended whether using a powder or cream.



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