How Do I Choose the Best Makeup Artist?

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When choosing the best makeup artist, you should try and find someone who specializes in the type of makeup you need applied, who is within your price range, and who has good reviews from past customers. Don't be afraid to ask questions when interviewing potential artists. Find out where each person studied and how long he or she has been doing makeup, and look at his or her portfolio to see examples of work he or she has done for other clients. This will give you a better idea of what kind of job each person will do prior to entrusting him or her with your project.

The first aspect to look for when choosing the best makeup artist is the type of work each person does. There are a wide range of projects you may need performed, and you'll want to find someone with experience in that type of work. Although applying makeup may seem like a straightforward art form, there are many types of makeup jobs. For instance, you might need theater makeup put on for a performance. There are also makeup artists who handle model and fashion work, or those who specialize in weddings or pageants. Make sure the person you choose has done the type of job you are hiring him for in the past.


Look at applicants' portfolios to get an idea of the type of work they can do. A portfolio is a book of photographs showcasing each person's past work. To find the best makeup artist, look through each book and find one with pictures similar to the makeup work you'd like to have done. Point out the aspects you like about the coloring or application of the makeup, and ask each makeup artist what sorts of similar styles or designs they might suggest for your project.

You should also consider your budget when looking for the best makeup artist. It's important that you get a quote as early as possible when interviewing applicants, since it will save you and those out of your price range the hassle of going through a lengthy interview process. In order to get an accurate quote, you will need to give as many details about the job as you possibly can. If you aren't sure of the scope of the work just yet, ask what each person's hourly rate is.

To ensure that you find the best makeup artist, you can also interview former clients of each person. This will allow you to hear the good and bad aspects of working with them before making a commitment. Portfolios are another invaluable resource, especially if they include before and after photos. Ask potential artists for references, and then follow up with them.



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