How Do I Choose the Best Machine Tool Supplier?

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If you operate a machine shop or factory, choosing the right machine tool supplier can be very important. Try to find a company that has a traveling sales representative so you can build a rapport with that supplier. This can help you should you need to make returns or need certain types of machine tools quickly. It can be helpful to know what the company's policy is on price changes because the cost of tools is constantly fluctuating. You may also want to find out about the shipping methods used and how long it might take to receive your products after ordering them.

When looking for a machine tool supplier, it is best to do business in person rather than via the Internet. Look in your local telephone directory to see if there are any companies who sell wholesale machine tools. If so, call the supplier and ask if a sales representative can call on you at your location. This can be helpful because that representative can get an idea of how your business operates and be able to suggest products for you to try. If the salesperson can also leave you a catalog, this can be an additional bonus.


A machine tool supplier may often suddenly raise the price of different types of machine tools. You may want to find out if a certain company guarantees their price quotes for a period of time so you will not be caught off-guard by spiraling tool prices. Should they be unable to guarantee price quotes, it can be helpful to know if you will be contacted first rather than automatically charged for this price increase.

When buying machine tools, you may sometimes find it necessary to order specially made products. If this is something you anticipate doing, it can be helpful to know what the procedure for doing so is. You may want to ask how long it could take a machine tool manufacturer to complete your order and whether a minimum number of tools would be required. Some suppliers may charge a restocking fee if you return items, so you may want to find out this information as well.

If a machine tool supplier takes too long to ship your order, this could seriously affect your day-to-day operations. You may want to find out how long it might take to get certain items, especially those you plan to order on a consistent basis. Good communication can be the key to finding the right supplier, no matter what type of tools you are purchasing.



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