How Do I Choose the Best Lotion for Combination Skin?

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When the skin of the face and body includes both dry and oily areas, it is often called combination skin, and it can be somewhat difficult to find a single moisturizer or lotion for combination skin. With this skin type, the oily parts of the face usually lie in the T zone, and the dry areas typically range from the cheeks to the temples. The best way to choose a lotion for combination skin is to find lotions that work with both skin types and to work each lotion into the appropriate places on the face, neck and body. Avoiding lotions that use oils or butters may be a good idea to help prevent breakouts in the oily parts of the skin.

Individuals who have combination skin usually have both oily and dry areas on various places on the body, making it difficult to find a lotion or moisturizer that caters to both. One of the best tips for choosing a lotion for combination skin is to actually purchase two different lotions. The oily part of the skin is mostly around the T zone, which includes the forehead, nose and chin, and needs a lotion that is lightweight and easily absorbed. Avoiding any moisturizer that contains oils or body butters is best to avoid breakouts.


A lotion for combination skin might include a creamy base for the dry areas, such as the cheeks and temples of the forehead. Choosing to avoid oily moisturizers, even for the certain dry patches, will ensure that it does not mix with the moisturizer on the T zone and promote acne breakouts. If it is important that only one lotion for combination skin be purchased, then finding a lightweight, non-oily moisturizer for the entire face is ideal. Looking at the ingredient list will help determine if there are vegetable oils used in the making of the product, as these are common ingredients in skin lotions but do cause breakouts.

It is recommended that those with combination skin use a lotion that has added antioxidants, as combination skin may be more sensitive to the environment. Antioxidants help combat free radicals produced from environmental sources, helping to promote the overall health of the skin. Since combination skin may be more sensitive, choosing a lotion that is free from irritants, such as witch hazel or alcohol, may be important. Daily moisturizing after facial washing and exfoliation is important for those with combination skin, as well, to rehydrate the skin and to act as a barrier to the environment.



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