How Do I Choose the Best Long Hairstyles for Thick Hair?

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To choose the best long hairstyles for thick hair, you should consider the texture of your hair, the shape of your face, and your own sense of style. A haircut looks best when it makes the most of the natural flow and texture of your hair. Another important factor in making sure your hairstyle looks good is the shape of your face because the way your hair falls around your face has a big effect on how it will look on you. No matter what styles are the most flattering for you, it is also important to keep your own taste in mind because, after all, it is your own opinion that matters the most when it comes to how you look.


Long hairstyles for thick hair come in many different shapes and volumes. Some people with thick hair have very straight, smooth strands, while others have locks that are coarse and wavy or curly. Very straight hair can look nice in a simple cut that is all one length, but this kind of cut for wavy or curly hair might become weighed down or affect the way the hair curls. A layered cut is usually better for thick, curly hair, because it breaks up some of the weight and allows the curls to have bounce and movement. With or without layers, a taper or fringe cut on the ends of the hair can add extra texture that compliments the movement of curls or adds interest to straight hair.

Your hair is the frame that surrounds your face, so it is important that your hairstyle is as flattering as possible to your particular face. If you have a round face, you are probably better off with long tapering layers around your face to minimize volume. Square shaped faces often look best with lots of texture around the face to soften the look of a strong jawline. An oblong face will benefit from light bangs to balance out its length and width.

Last but not least, when you are looking at long hairstyles for thick hair, keep in mind what you are drawn to. Think about celebrities or people in your everyday life whose hair you admire. Try to identify what part of their hair it is that you like the best and then consider whether that feature will work for you. The most important part of any hairstyle is how it makes you feel, so no matter what the expert advice might be for your hair, pick something that you will really like seeing on yourself.



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