How do I Choose the Best Living Room Style?

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When choosing the best living room style, concentrate on what you love rather than thinking about the kind of space you think you should have. A great way to discover styles of living rooms you love is to view interior decorating magazines or online galleries. Keeping notes on what catches your eye in the living rooms you look at, as well as things you dislike, may help you notice patterns in your style preferences.

For instance, if you seem drawn to flowers and soft colors, a romantic living room style may suit you. On the other hand, if you like black and white without a lot of detail, a modern, minimalistic look could be more appealing. People who prefer worn wood and peeling paint are often drawn to country or rustic style living rooms. Elements of nature such as bark and shells can make ideal accents in country-styled living spaces.

Living room styles are limited only by the imagination as combinations from different looks may be brought together to form an eclectic, or mixed, decor. For example, rustic wicker or rattan furniture can also look romantic in a living room style that includes pieces such as candlesticks and vases of flowers. If you prefer a living room that focuses on current styles, a contemporary decor will suit you best. If you love contemporary looks, but don't have the budget to replace sofas or rugs, you could update classic furnishings with trendy accessories such as throw pillows.


Looking at your favorite clothing pieces can often give you great insight into style points you can use in your living room. For instance, if you prefer elegant clothing it's likely that you would also appreciate that sophistication in your living room style. Details, or the lack thereof, on the clothing pieces you love most may also provide you with a clue about your living space style preferences. For example, an excess of gathers or buttons on clothes you consider your favorites could indicate that you might prefer a button-tufted sofa over a plain one.

It can be fun to keep a living room style mood board to organize your ideas. All you'll need is a piece of thin cardboard on which you can attach interior design magazine clippings, photographs, fabric swatches and paint chips that represent looks you're considering for your living room style. Seeing your favorite patterns, colors, textures and interior designs all on one board may inspire you to picture combinations of living room furnishings that will work for your home.



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