How Do I Choose the Best Livestock Fencing Materials?

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Livestock fencing materials can be used for a variety of applications, including keeping deer and other pests out of a garden or keeping cows or pigs within a specific area. The livestock fencing materials that will work best for you will depend on what type of livestock you need to control and how large of an area needs to be fenced in. In some cases, electric fencing may be useful for controlling livestock, whereas in other cases wooden perimeter fencing may be the best option for functionality and aesthetics.

Any yard or space that needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional will benefit from wood livestock fencing materials. Many animals can be contained effectively with wooden fences; free-range cows or horses will generally be contained with a simple wooden fence, provided it is high enough and well-constructed. If, however, a significant amount of livestock needs to be contained at once, other livestock fencing materials should be used; metal fencing such as chain link fencing is effective but not always exceptionally visually appealing. Mesh wire fence is very inexpensive, easy to construct, and a good containment system for most livestock, but it is not exceptionally heavy-duty or visually appealing.


Sometimes the best livestock fencing materials are sparse but powerful. Electric fencing can be used to contain animals with little overall fencing material. A control box will provide electricity to a metal wire that is strung along wooden or metal posts that run the perimeter of the area to be fenced in. When an animal comes in contact with the wire, an electrical shock will be delivered to the animal to teach it to stay away from the fence or otherwise prevent it from escaping. The voltage is low enough to be non-lethal, but high enough to cause some pain. The drawback to this type of fencing is the danger: humans can also be shocked by the electric fence, and while the shock may not be large enough to kill an animal, it can be large enough to kill a human in some cases.

Corral fencing is used in a smaller area so animals can be contained or moved easily in a specific pattern. Such fencing is useful when loading livestock onto a trailer or otherwise gathering them for transport or for slaughter. The fencing will need to be quite durable and strong, as livestock can get spooked and try to knock down the fence. Wood and metal are usually used for these purposes, though wire can also be used.



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