How Do I Choose the Best Liquid Eyeliner Pen?

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When choosing a liquid eyeliner pen, it's important to know the ingredients used in the eyeliner, to consider the way the pen is constructed, and to select an eyeliner that is offered in a flattering color. You should also select a liquid eyeliner pen that is affordable. Finally, as it is generally not possible to sample eyeliners before purchasing them, you should ask about a store's return policy on cosmetics. You don't want to risk wasting your money on cosmetics that don't work for you.

Liquid eyeliner pens are considered by many to be a very convenient type of eyeliner and one that offers the user a great deal of control over its application. Many makeup wearers like the look of liquid eyeliner but find it difficult to apply properly. A liquid eyeliner pen allows the user to apply eyeliner in a manner similar to writing or drawing with a pen. This allows the user a great deal of control over the intensity of color as well as the length and thickness of the lines drawn around the eyes.


Although most cosmetics are formulated so as to not trigger reactions in people, some individuals have very sensitive skin or eyes. It is very important that you identify any ingredients that can trigger irritation, redness, or swelling. With this information, you will be better able to select cosmetics that do not contain irritating ingredients. Pay attention to the range of colors offered by a particular cosmetic brand. There is no point in buying a liquid eyeliner pen if the eyeliner does not flatter your skin tone and complement the color of your eyes.

As with most types of cosmetics, an eyeliner pencil can range in cost from inexpensive to rather costly. Determining whether a liquid eyeliner pen is actually worth the cost is usually a matter of ensuring that the pen is well constructed and will not break or leak easily. Another concern is how long the liquid eyeliner stays in place after application. When purchasing cosmetics, ask a shop clerk about the store's policy on returning cosmetics. Some stores will allow you to return a used cosmetic item for a refund or exchange if you are dissatisfied with the item. If you are unfamiliar with a brand or specific product, having this kind of money-back guarantee can reduce your risk if you find that you are allergic to the product or that it simply does not perform well.



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