How do I Choose the Best Lip Makeup?

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Choosing the best lip makeup means choosing a cosmetic that works well with one's skin tone and look and also meets one's personal needs. For example, some people have very dry lips and need to choose lip makeup that will moisturize their skin while also giving it a tint or even vibrant color. Other people like to wear lipstick that won't smudge and need a kind of lip makeup that works well with lipstick sealer. Other people who have long hair need a matte kind of lip makeup because errant strands of hair can easily become stuck in glossy lip makeup, creating a real mess.

Once the ideal type of lip makeup has been found, color and tone must be chosen. For a natural look, nude tones should be chosen. For people with fair skin, light pink or peach colored lipstick or lip gloss is a good choice. For people with olive skin tone, a lightly tinted berry tone might work well. People with dark skin can use lipstick or lip gloss that has a light mocha color. For a very natural look, a lip gloss or lip balm with just a bit of shine or shimmer may be the best choice.


For people who want a more dramatic look, darker tones of lipstick are necessary. These darker, more dramatic tones are often worn during evening events. Especially when using vibrant, saturated colors of lip makeup, it is important to make sure that the color works well with one's skin tone. This can be done by going to a makeup counter at a local drug store, department store, or even going to a specialty makeup store. These stores usually have testers that can be tried in order to select the best color.

When wearing deep colors of lip makeup, it is also important not to choose a color that will clash with the outfit that is being worn unless a funky, intentional clashing look is intended. For example, a ruby-red gown should not be worn with hot pink lipstick. The color of the gown and the color of the lip makeup don't have to exactly match, but they should be close.

In addition to lipstick, lip liner can be worn as well. This kind of lip makeup can help to accentuate the lips. The lip liner should closely match or be just incrementally darker than the lipstick. It should follow the natural shape of the lips.



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