How Do I Choose the Best Light Tweezers?

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Light tweezers should light up just enough to help you see without being overly brilliant. A magnifying glass or mirror attachment could also be helpful when plucking hair on the face. The tweezers should have light tension whenever the ends are pressed together, but should not be difficult to hold. You may want to consider how the device is stored, particularly if it contains other attachments.

Eyebrows are one area where light tweezers are sometimes used. Since light from illuminated tweezers can be very close to the eyes, it is a good idea to make sure it is not too bright to use. You may want to hold the light near your eyebrow to see if this is the case. If the light from the tweezers hurts your eyes, it is too bright to use for this purpose. While the light should not be too harsh, it should nonetheless help you see light-colored hairs. In the event you are unable to do this, the light may not be bright enough to be effective.


Even when these tweezers produce the right amount of light, it can still be helpful to use a magnifying glass or mirror when plucking hair. If you are able to find light tweezers with one of these attachments, you may not need to hold one of these devices while you are doing so. It can be a good idea to find one that will allow you to adjust the position of the mirror or magnifying glass for individual comfort. This means the arm should be sturdy yet somewhat flexible to accommodate the movement of this piece.

Some light tweezers are somewhat larger than regular ones, so they may feel awkward to hold. It can be a good idea get a feel for how easy these tweezers might be to operate before you make a purchase. Grip the unit in your hands and then press the ends together to see how much pressure is needed to do this. You should not have to squeeze the device too tightly, nor should it slip easily once the ends are pressed together. If it is difficult to hold together, you may want to consider a different model.

You may want to carry light tweezers with you; if this is the case, folding or retractable ones could be a good choice. Some units also come with a carrying case, and this could help you keep the tweezers clean as well. If the case provides space for extra batteries, this can help you be prepared because batteries can often stop working very suddenly.



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