How do I Choose the Best Lifeguard Training Courses?

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Being a lifeguard is not an easy task. It may sound like fun to get paid to lounge around in your bathing suit all day, but lifeguards have a huge responsibility to keep a swimming area safe for all visitors. If you are in the market for a lifeguard certificate, the first step is to choose the best lifeguard training courses for developing the skills you'll need to succeed at this job.

Lifeguards have to be able to apply the lifesaving techniques that they are taught in high tension situations. To find out about the best training in your area, it is a good idea to talk to local lifeguards. Lifeguards can be found at local swimming pools, as well as at the beach and nearby water parks. Talking to the supervisors of these locations is also helpful, since this will identify you as someone who is seriously interested in the job.

When asking about the best lifeguard training courses, you'll want to know if there are specific course qualifications that the lifeguards needed to get their jobs. It's also a good idea to ask which topics were covered in a particular course. For instance, it is helpful to know that in lifeguard training you will be expected to tread water for five minutes while holding a brick with both hands above the water.


After you get some suggestions from local lifeguards, it is important to research all of your available options. The Internet is an excellent tool that can be utilized in your search for the best lifeguard training courses. You should be able to find out about different courses offered in your area, as well as the times and costs of the classes. Accreditation is offered by organizations such as the Red Cross and indicates that training is considered to be of a high quality.

Always remember to review the curriculum of the course before you agree to pay any enrollment fees. The best lifeguard training courses will teach the following skills: first aid, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), and AED (automated external defibrillation). Classes should have demonstrations given so the students can not only practice the procedures, but also watch them being done in the proper way. The best lifeguard training classes should also provide an opportunity to develop skills such as swimming for long periods of time, swimming long distances, retrieving heavy weights from the bottom of the swimming pool in a specific amount of time, and pulling either dummies or real people from the pool.



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