How do I Choose the Best Licensed Online Pharmacy?

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Before choosing a licensed online pharmacy, be sure you get a written prescription from your doctor or care provider. Once you know the correct medication and the right dosage, you can find an online pharmacy by searching online or asking your physician about recommended retailers. In some cases, your regular local pharmacy may have some online options, such as online prescription refills.

The benefits of using a licensed online pharmacy include the ease of ordering your medications from the privacy of your home, as well as having them delivered instead of picking them up yourself. However, there are many online retailers who sell prescription drugs without the proper licensing and credentials. When ordering your medications online, it is important that you check each retailer carefully to ensure that your medications are being handled by licensed professionals.

To be sure the retailer you are dealing with is a licensed online pharmacy, make sure you check the site’s credentials. If they are not displayed on the homepage, ask to see them via email. Any pharmacy should be overseen by a licensed pharmacist and other trained professionals to ensure that your medications are handled properly. Buying from an unlicensed pharmacy could result in dangerous drug interactions or incorrect dosages being given.


If you come across an online pharmacy that offers to provide prescription medications without the need for a written prescription, move on to another site. To be safe, you may choose to go with a national pharmacy chain that offers online service options. Many have online refill options, and some may even offer local delivery. Some small or local pharmacies may be more likely to offer this type of personalized service in comparison to national chains.

Once you have a list of a few potential licensed online pharmacies through an online search or from a list given by your doctor, browse each site and read their instructions for getting started. Read all the fine print regarding licensing, ordering refills, and submitting your prescription for the first time. Your doctor may have to contact the pharmacist on duty or vice versa in order to verify that you have been given a prescription medication.

Make sure the site has a phone number and email address where you can reach your pharmacist to discuss any side effects your medication may have as well as any other questions you have about your prescription. A legitimate licensed online pharmacy should have professionals available to help you when needed, and you should feel comfortable and confident in the person you are entrusting with your care.



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