How do I Choose the Best Leather Lounge Chair?

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A leather lounge chair is often an elegant addition to the home, but there are several factors to consider before choosing one. You should first ensure that the one you pick matches the existing furniture in the home, taking into account the shade of both the leather, and any wood or metal accents on it. Consider whether it comes with a footrest or ottoman, or whether you will need to purchase one to match it. Finally, think about any special features that you might desire, such as a built-in massager, cup holder, or a particularly padded headrest.

There are two main ways to make sure that the leather lounge chair you choose matches the rest of the furniture in the room. The most expensive method is to purchase an entire set that contains a couch, loveseat, and lounge chair. On the other hand, if you are not prepared to buy all new furniture, you are encouraged to take photos of your current couches, coffee tables, end tables, and any other items present in the room where you will place the new lounger. While you may remember the general color of your current furniture when you are out shopping, you may not recall the exact shade of any metal or wooden accents on each piece. It is important that all aspects of the new lounge chair match your home, not just the leather.


Many lounge chairs come with their own footrest built-in, allowing you to press a button and lean backward until it slides out from under the chair. Some loungers do not have an attached footrest, but come with a matching ottoman, instead. If the leather lounge chair that you are considering does not have either option, you can typically purchase a separate ottoman, though of course you should first ensure that the leather and any accents match the chair. Be sure to calculate this addition into the total cost before you select a lounger.

Some specialty chairs offer a massage to anyone who sits down, as there is a built-in mechanism that can massage the back, neck, and shoulders. Of course, this type of leather lounge chair is usually more expensive than the standard kind, but it may be worth it if you typically spend money on professional massages. Another option that many find to be comfortable is a headrest that comes with extra padding. Some also come with built in cup holders and a slot to store a remote control. These options can make any leather lounge chair feel especially luxurious, so consider looking for such features if you plan on using the chair often.



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