How Do I Choose the Best Leather Bench?

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Shopping for a leather bench that will suit your needs may involve a number of factors. The purpose of the leather bench is a fundamental consideration, and you will need to determine whether you frequently will use the bench or if its primary function will be for decorative purposes. Size and style is also significant because they may determine how the leather bench fits into your home’s interior design scheme and could play a large role in the item’s final cost.

Price can be a determining factor when choosing a leather bench. People wishing to save money may choose to purchase a faux leather bench because genuine leather furniture typically costs more than items made from synthetic leather. Another reason people choose faux leather is that it is easier to clean than real leather. Faux leather may be especially suitable for people who have young children or pets.

Determining where a leather bench will be placed in a home plays a role in choosing a style and size. Some leather benches double as ottomans, making them suitable choices for use in a living room or other social area. Ottoman-style benches are typically larger than normal benches and feature a greater amount of cushioning, providing comfortable seating.


For a bench that will not receive frequent use, it may not be necessary for the seat to be comfortable. Features of a leather bench that is not designed for comfort may include longer legs, a smaller amount of cushioning, and more ornate design characteristics. Delicate designs, an intricately carved base, and embossed leather may be attractive options if functionality is not a major concern. It is important to realize that many benches are designed only for decorative purposes and may not hold the weight of a large adult. If you purchase a decorative bench, make sure you place it in a setting where people do not socialize, such as a hallway.

You should decide whether extra storage space is something that you will use. Some leather benches may feature additional storage space in the form of a rack located under the cushion and attached to the legs, but the most common form of storage is a seat that you can lift up or flip open, keeping items concealed within the bench. Using the space to store extra blankets is common for benches located in bedrooms, but internal storage can be a helpful function in any room.



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