How do I Choose the Best Leadership Program?

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Choosing the best leadership program for you is likely to depend mainly on your career goals. For instance, if you're currently in a leadership position, but find your job too challenging, the education program you choose should help you solve your workplace issues. If you're anticipating entering a leadership role in the near future, look at beginning programs. Always check the syllabus, or outline, of the different programs you're considering to find the best match for you.

The syllabus gives lesson summaries as well as information about how the courses are assessed or graded. Comparing different course syllabuses can help you find the best leadership program in terms of the material you need to learn and how well you're likely to do on the assignments. If you know the grading criteria such as whether the assignments are mostly essays, multiple choice quizzes or group projects, you can choose between leadership programs based on your preferred type of classroom work.

If your life would better suit an online leadership program, to help save you time getting to and from in-person classes, this is something worth considering. It's important to keep in mind that online classes often require extra motivation from you in meeting project deadlines as well as in contacting colleagues for group projects. If you do find an online program best for you, make sure the test schedule will work, as you may have to take at least the final exam in-person at a local college or university.


If you're not sure of your own leadership style, look for an education program that helps you discover it. You should also learn what characteristics of a good leader you possess and which qualities you need to further develop. Contingency leadership classes can be an important part of your program since these focus on how to apply your skills in different situations. A contingency leadership program would be especially appropriate for people who face challenging and changing situations on the job.

Being able to motivate and inspire those who report to you no matter what workplace situation occurs can give you needed confidence as a leader. A coaching type of leadership program can teach you methods of bringing out the best in all workers. The best types of leadership programs teach methods for evaluating and encouraging the unique strengths in others since each person is different. The best leadership programs stress that motivating and inspiring workers is much more effective than just telling them what to do.



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