How do I Choose the Best Laundry Equipment?

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To choose the best home laundry equipment, start with the basics. Choose a washer and dryer that best suits your personal needs, according to load capacity and size. Depending upon the size of your laundry room or designated area, choose equipment that can be well organized in the allotted space. Commercial or industrial laundry equipment will typically handle a large capacity, but will be more expensive than other models. Your laundry accessories should include items you'll require on a regular basis and should also include some type of storage system or shelving.

Assuming you're choosing laundry equipment for personal home use, do some comparative shopping to get the best deals. Look through Sunday newspapers for sales or search online for bargains. Don't purchase your equipment at full retail price, but shop at discount appliance or department stores, or buy when they have a good sale. Holidays such as President's Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are good times to shop in the United States.

Consider the area where you will keep your laundry equipment. If you live in a small townhouse or condominium, you might not have a full-sized laundry room. If you have a small area, such as a kitchen that offers washer and dryer hook-ups, you'll need to choose compact laundry equipment. Consider a washer/dryer combination that does not take up a lot of space.


If, however, you have a large family and do frequent loads of laundry, you'll want a washing machine and dryer with large capacity. There are front-loading washing machines and top-loading models, each with their own advantages. These machines may also come in energy-efficient models, so inquire about that as well.

When assembling your laundry equipment, you'll also need to consider what accessories you will require. To start with, you'll need some type of laundry basket or laundry bag. There are mesh styles of laundry bags that can hold a large amount of laundry, and smaller baskets for small loads of laundry. Determine what your needs are and go from there.

If you do a lot of ironing, an essential item to include on your home laundry equipment list should be an ironing board. A mesh-and-metal folding ironing board can easily be stored. A wall mounted ironing board may take up less space and be more compact, however, some installation will be required.



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