How do I Choose the Best Laundry Bleach?

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Before purchasing laundry bleach, consider which garments and fabric types you most likely need to bleach when doing laundry. Compare different laundry bleach brands that are known to effectively remove stubborn stains while also disinfecting your clothing. If the care instructions on most of your clothing suggest non-chlorine bleach, be sure to carefully read the labels on different bleach brands and only consider those that do not contain chlorine. Finally, choose a brand of laundry bleach that has a reputation for quality and effectiveness, that is safe to use with your home laundry equipment, and that is also eco-friendly.

Take the time to carefully sort your laundry while reading the care instructions on items that need bleaching. Search online or visit your local grocer to compare the different types of laundry bleach available for different types of fabrics and narrow your selections to include only those that you will most likely use when doing laundry. If you have never used a fabric bleaching product before, ask friends and family members about their experiences with different types of bleach.

If you are only interested in the quick removal of spots, you may want to consider purchasing a bleaching pen. By simply covering a garment stain by using a spot applicator before putting the clothing item in the laundry, stubborn stains can be rather easily erased. These handy cleaning instruments are found wherever laundry accessories are sold and may be all that you need if you are removing small stains.


While considering your options, you may also discover that you have use for more than one type of bleaching product. For instance, you may decide that you need non-chlorine bleach for colored fabrics, but may still prefer to also use a chlorine bleach pen if you or your family are prone to acquiring frequent small stains. After narrowing your choices to only include trusted brands that come highly recommended by friends and family members, however, you will likely realize that non-chlorine bleach is all that you need unless you regularly plan to remove very stubborn stains.

You may also consider environmentally friendly alternatives to laundry bleach, such as hydrogen peroxide or vinegar, which can be added to laundry for the removal of certain stains. There are commercial bleach brands that are also safe for the environment and are generally more effective, however. Search for these brands online and carefully study the ingredients each contains. Ultimately, choose the laundry bleach that you are likely to use most often, but that also has the highest consumer ratings, and that is safe for the environment, as well as safe to use with your laundry equipment.



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