How Do I Choose the Best Laundry Baskets?

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To choose the best laundry baskets, consider the different types available and how much laundry you produce on a regular basis, as well as where the laundry is located. There are a variety of laundry baskets available, including freestanding plastic, wicker or woven baskets, in addition to baskets that hang over the door. Collapsible baskets that turn into carrying bags can be great for people who have to take their clothing to a laundromat or live in an apartment building where the laundry is located elsewhere. Consider also whether the style and design of the basket is important to you.

Freestanding laundry baskets made of plastic or wicker are some of the most popular, and hold up the best. Plastic laundry baskets are light, can hold a lot of laundry, and are available in a wide variety of colors. They are also easy to clean and, unlike wicker, are resistant to mold and mildew if they are regularly filled with wet clothes. Wicker baskets are equally light, and may be more stylish -- a concern for some people if the laundry basket will be displayed in a bedroom or bathroom -- but they may be more likely to grow mildew and develop a smell if they are ever left with damp clothes inside them.


Woven laundry baskets that either hang over the back of the door or stand up inside a closet, and can then be converted into a carrying bag with straps, are a great selection for people with different needs. These often do double duty as laundry hampers as well, cutting down on the amount of space used. College kids, for example, often make use of these baskets, as well as people who live in apartment buildings, since laundry services are not always located in their own apartments. They may also be a good choice for people who have to drive to a laundromat, since they often close with a drawstring, and will prevent the clothes from falling out in the back of a car.

For people who have trouble carrying heavy items, or for households that produce vast quantities of laundry, a rolling laundry basket can be a good option. These freestanding baskets are mounted on wheels and can simply be pulled around the house to the laundry room. Keep in mind that these are only really effective in homes in which everything is on the same floor, or in which an elevator is available.



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