How do I Choose the Best Lat Workout?

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The latissimus dorsi, or lat, is the largest muscle in the human back. In order to keep the muscle strong and healthy, a good lat workout is necessary. Chin-ups are a great start to a strong lat workout, since this exercise works many of the muscles in the upper body. Spreading the grip wide when doing chin-ups or pull-ups also enhances the benefits of the lat workout.

While chin-ups work the lats consistently, they can be difficult for many people, especially women. Women generally have less upper body strength than men, making chin-ups a particularly difficult and unpleasant exercise. As an alternative lat workout, people who struggle with chin-ups can do an exercise called a lat pull-down. This involves the use of a cable-actuated exercise machine. The cable is weighted on one end and attached to a wide bar at the other. Using a system of pulleys, the user can pull the bar downward in front of the chest down to the waist, thereby lifting the weight. This works many upper body muscles and can promote lat strength.


Another good alternative to chin-ups that will give a good lat workout is the bent-over dumbbell row. This requires the lifter to bend over at the waist and grasp a dumbbell in one hand, or one in each hand, starting with the arms dangling down toward the floor. Next, the lifter will swing the arms outward and up in a rowing motion until the arms are just below level with the back. To get a little more out of the workout, the lifter can let the dumbbell drift forward when lifting upward.

The important thing to remember about all of these exercises, however, is that they can be damaging to the body if not performed correctly. Muscle strains and tears can occur if the exercises are done incorrectly, or if they are overdone, so it is important to get instruction from a professional or from a reliable source before attempting any of these exercises. Further, when lifting weights or doing chin ups, one should always have a spotter nearby, or someone ready to catch the lifter if he or she falls or to support the lifter if the weight from the dumbbells becomes too heavy. Doing the exercises incorrectly can not only prevent someone from getting a good lat workout, but it could also reverse the effects or, in the worst case scenario, cause minor or severe injury.



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