How do I Choose the Best Laser Surgery Center?

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To choose the most suitable laser surgery center, first be sure the facility offers the procedures you need. Next, do some research and compare costs from a few centers. Even if you find a laser surgery center that has low-cost procedures and reputable doctors, it may not be cost effective if you have to travel a long distance. Checking the credentials of the surgeons at a laser surgery center is essential. Also, be certain the facility in question is immaculately tidy and clean, and run in an orderly manner.

Before you choose your laser surgery center, it's a good idea to check for referrals or references. Check the facilities' websites, which often have a page dedicated to patient feedback and comments. Whether you are considering eye laser surgery or skin laser surgery, the potential for complications and side effects may exist, so try to ascertain if former patients have reported serious complaints.

After you've located a seemingly good laser surgery center, you should speak with a supervising physician, not merely a staff member or receptionist. It's always best to have your questions answered in person. Therefore, schedule an appointment for consultation.

Don't be timid about asking questions pertaining to the specialist's qualifications. Ask how many procedures he's performed and what the success ratio is. Also, be certain the physician who will perform your procedure is board certified. If he does not have certification, you'd do best to find another laser surgery center that employs only board-certified physicians.


When you visit a laser surgery center in person, ask if the procedure comes with some type of guarantee. Inquire about first-consultation costs. Request the total costs in writing to protect yourself. Also inquire about medications the center uses for follow-up care and pain control. If you have medical concerns or allergies, find out if the doctor can offer effective alternatives.

Inquire about the equipment used for surgical procedures. Advanced technology calls for the highest quality laser equipment. Be sure the facility offers state-of-the-art surgical equipment and the latest treatment options.

A reputable physician specializing in laser surgery will not pressure you into having any procedure you are not comfortable with. After speaking with the surgeon, you should have a pretty good idea of whether you feel positive regarding procedures to be performed. You should also feel confident in your surgeon's abilities. If you feel rushed or like you haven't had your questions answered to your satisfaction, this may be a signal to look elsewhere.



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