How do I Choose the Best Large Shrub?

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When choosing the best large shrub for your yard, it’s a good idea to consider how well the plant is likely to grow as well as the time and effort you’re willing to put in to care for it. The most important consideration is to be sure to select a shrub that thrives in your geographical area and climate. Other considerations to make when deciding on the right large shrub for the exterior of your home are texture, color and space.

A shrub may first appear to be the ideal size for the location you have in mind for your yard. But, it could grow dramatically in both width and height within several years. If you plant a large shrub too close to your home, it could cause damage to the structure of your house by interfering with foundation walls. Check the information tags on nursery shrubs for recommendations about the plants expected size at maturity.

A large shrub can create a wonderful focal point in a yard. It can draw the eye to it and create a striking contrast with a home’s exterior and landscaping. You should choose a shrub color that works well with the colors used on your house. For example, a purple-flowering shrub could compliment a pale yellow home that has lavender and bright yellow flowers planted elsewhere in the yard.


Texture definitely makes a difference in the look of garden shrubs. The texture of a large shrub can help set the mood of your landscaping. For instance, plants with small delicate leaves and flowers may add a romantic look while a coarse textured plant such as a cactus can have a more dramatic effect. Choosing the texture of shrubs to plant is mostly a matter of personal taste since most textures with work well with any type of home style.

For gardeners willing to put in the extra time and effort, growing a large shrub from seed may be an option. Shrub seeds should be taken from a healthy plant that grows well in the area or purchased from a reputable local nursery. Whether you grow your shrub from seeds or plant one already grown, make sure you have the best growing conditions possible. For example, trying to grow shrubs that thrive in full sun in an area that is only partially sunny isn't going to produce the best large shrub.



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