How Do I Choose the Best Large High Heels?

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When choosing the best large high heels, you should make sure that they fit very well. Alway test them out and walk in them for a bit to ensure that they are comfortable to wear. You should also keep in mind that some styles may be a little more uncomfortable than other styles. Also, thin heels, like stiletto heels, are generally a little more uncomfortable than thicker heels.

Before you decide on any shoes, particularly large high heels, you should make sure that they fit properly. Although most people already know their shoe size, a shoe salesman will also usually be able to help you determine your shoe size. Generally, if a shoe is difficult to get on or pinches, it is too small. On the other hand, if the shoe slides on the foot, it is most likely too large.

Even if a pair of large high heels fits properly, they might still be uncomfortable to wear. Before buying a new pair of high heels, try them out in the store. Walk and stand in the shoes for several minutes. You should never purchase shoes that feel tight or pinch your feet. These will most likely be too uncomfortable to wear for long periods, and they will also usually cause blisters on the feet.


Some styles of large high heels may be more uncomfortable than other styles. High heels with pointed toes, for instance, will usually squeeze and pinch the toes together, which can be very uncomfortable, especially if you have wide feet or long toes. Rounded, square, or open-toed shoes will also usually be more comfortable.

Heel styles are also important when choosing the right large high heels, since these can be a source of both style and comfort. Stiletto heels, which are very long and thin heels, are usually considered sexy, and they look best on tall, thin women. Some women find it difficult to walk in these heels, however, and they can cause ankle injuries. The small heels also offer very little support for the heels.

Large chunky heels usually offer more support. These typically look best on women with larger frames. Medium heels also offer more support than stiletto heels, and these usually look good on most women.



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