How do I Choose the Best Laptop for College?

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Choosing the best laptop for college will often depend on a number of different factors, but most students tend to want many of the same features. The computer must be powerful enough to handle all of the requirements of college class work. It must also be portable and resistant to the abuse it is likely to suffer. But perhaps most importantly of all, it must be affordable.

Those looking at college should take comfort in the fact that the best laptop for college may be as close as the student bookshop. College laptops available on campus may be no more or less expensive than those elsewhere, but may incorporate some of the features the university expects. However, it is ultimately up to the individual student to choose the best laptop for college.

Those choices could vary widely from student to student. For example, an engineering major will have vastly different requirements, both in terms of power and software, than those looking at a degree in English or business. However, those computers will have some commonalities. It is the additional requirements required by the engineering student that will likely make the difference.


For those who are unsure of what to get, the safest strategy when choosing the best laptop for college is simply to wait until you arrive at your school. Once there, ask an academic advisor to provide some advice. Chances are, they may not know what you may need either, but they will know who to contact in order to find out. In such cases, as the saying goes, "It is not what you know but who you know."

Those interested in choosing the best laptop for college can also check out a number of different websites, which offer opinions on the best college laptop, or at least those which are most popular with students. These will include helpful advice such as included software and reliability. Many will also give information about battery life and other portability features critical to a college laptop.

Still, when choosing the best laptop for college, it is wise to consider a number of different things. Wireless connectivity is a must as many campus offer Wi-Fi for students who have that capability. Choose the smallest screen size you feel comfortable with as this will extend your battery life and help cut down on the cost. This is especially important if taking notes during class. Also, make sure there are extended life batteries available. When the time comes to replace your original battery, these make great options.



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@ Amphibious54- In some cases, a student may only need a laptop for note taking, word processing, and internet access. In these cases, a netbook might be a good option. They are small, portable, and can access internet service through your cellular company.

This makes them ideal for taking them anywhere, and they can fit in places like a large purse or a glove box. Having access to fast 3G networks also allows you to use them on the move to update blogs, video chat, search for a good restaurant, or use them as GPS.

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You should not forget to factor in non-school needs in your laptop. If you are using your laptop as an entertainment device in addition to your schoolwork, you may want to look for laptops that have lots of storage, high definition screens, and fast processors.

If your laptop also doubles as your business partner, you should consider things like finger print readers, preloaded productivity software, and preloaded security software. You also want something that is as portable and durable as possible, since you will probably be bringing this laptop with you wherever you go.

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