How do I Choose the Best Laptop Computer?

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Choosing the best laptop computer depends heavily on what the computer will be used for, and what the user’s preferences are. For instance, the best laptop for a freelance writer may be severely underpowered for a gaming computer, while a graphic designer needs a larger screen, and therefore a larger laptop, than many other users.

Possibly the most important consideration is the computer’s performance. This includes factors such as the size of the hard drive, or how much memory the laptop computer has, and the size of the processor, which determines how fast the computer will run. The best laptop computer is one that offers more than the minimum speed and memory the user requires, without compromising other factors that might be important to the user, such as size or brand.

For example, a photographer requires a great deal of memory storage, so a large hard drive would probably be a determining factor. A gamer requires as fast a processor as possible, in order to keep up with the game and the other players. On the other hand, a slower processor and less memory would probably be sufficient for a student, a writer, or someone who wants a laptop computer primarily for checking email or browsing the Internet.


A good video card is also important for many users. The average video card found in computers currently on the market should be enough to view animated websites and watch DVDs without any visible loss of picture quality. However, gamers, graphic designers, and others who depend on video quality will probably want a more advanced video card.

Many users will also want to consider size before purchasing a laptop computer. In general, laptops have gotten bigger as things such as screen size and performance have become more important to consumers. However, it is important to think about how the computer will be used. If the user is buying a laptop for its portability, and does not require large amounts of memory or higher than average processor speeds, he or she may find it worthwhile to select one of the smaller laptops on the market.

Finally, many of these factors differ depending on whether the laptop is the user’s only computer, or a second computer. A second computer is most likely going to be valued primarily for its portability, while the primary computer can provide the opportunity for increased memory and speed. However, if a laptop computer is the be the user’s only computer, its features are a more important consideration.



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Defining exactly how you want to use a laptop is essential if you are out to save money. When people look at computers, they are naturally impressed with the most powerful, expensive things on the showroom floor.

But think about this -- if all you want to do is browse the Internet, do word processing, put spreadsheets together and check your email, do you need the biggest, baddest laptop on the block? Probably not.

You do need a lot of power if you want to play the latest games, edit photos, design journals, run a CAD program and do other processor-intensive things, but do you really need all of that horsepower? What's the point of paying $1,500 for a laptop if one that costs less than half that will more than meeting your needs?

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A major consideration has to do with power usage. If the laptop is going to primarily be plugged into a wall, then portability is a secondary issue and battery life isn't much of a concern. If it is going to be primarily portable, then you want the best battery life possible.

Unfortunately, the more powerful laptops will burn through a battery pretty quickly. Fortunately, there are ways around that. Battery technology has improved considerably and people who want portability but don't want to sacrifice power often carry a spare battery with them.

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