How do I Choose the Best Landscape Materials?

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Choosing the best landscape materials can be fairly easy, and it is likely to depend on your needs and the types of materials you are interested in using. You should consider the type of landscape you are trying to create, and then choose materials that will suit your aesthetic inspiration or match your vision. It can also be helpful to consider what is already present in a given area and match new materials to those available or replace what has already been used. If you are trying to achieve a specific effect, such as growing a garden or building a water feature, then the landscape materials you choose should enhance that feature.

Landscape materials consist of a wide array of different materials that can be used to create or augment a landscape. These materials can potentially include just about anything that could be used in a yard or field, such as sand, dirt, mulch, gravel, and stone slabs. The types of landscape materials you should use will typically depend a great deal on what sort of overall effect you are trying to create.


You may find it easiest to begin with a source of inspiration or a vision for your landscape before you try to choose the best landscape materials for your project. If you are trying to create a playground for children, for example, then you should consider materials such as rubberized mulch and ground covering to reduce injury from foot impact or falling. On the other hand, if you are trying to make a more mature landscape, perhaps one that inspires serenity and calm for you to enjoy in the evenings after work, then you would want to consider landscape materials that you find calming, such as trees, rocks, and perhaps flowing water.

The landscape materials you choose should usually match what already exists in your space as well. This is especially true if you are simply trying to touch up a landscape, rather than create an entirely new area to enjoy. You can usually find the same materials that were originally used at a major hardware store or gardening supplier. It can also be quite effective visually to use something different from what you have used before, so you might consider blue rubberized mulch to replace existing dirt to create a more striking impression with your landscape.

Any landscape materials you use should serve the purpose of what you are creating and enhance the space, rather than detract from it. If you are creating a water feature, such as a fountain or waterfall, for example, then you should consider using stones that look even better when wet. You should also consider colors that work together, so if you have trees with green foliage, then red mulch might serve to make your landscape even more beautiful.



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