How do I Choose the Best Kitchen Pantry?

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In order to choose the best kitchen pantry, it is important to first assess the amount of space that is available for the pantry and then assess the needs of the people who use the kitchen. Making aesthetic choices is one of the last steps in choosing a pantry. For those who are remodeling their kitchens, it may be best to choose a built-in pantry that functions either as a small room, a series of cabinets, or shelving that can roll or slide in and out of pockets of space between other cabinets and large kitchen appliances. Those who are not remodeling, or who are only making minor updates to their kitchens might choose a freestanding kitchen pantry of which there are many varieties.

The size of a kitchen pantry will relate directly to the amount of space that can be afforded to the pantry. For those who have plenty of space and who like to purchase large amounts of dry and canned goods, then it may make the best sense to go with a built-in pantry. This sort of pantry functions as a small room off of the kitchen that is lined with plenty of shelving. There may also be space in this a built-in kitchen pantry for hanging baskets that can be used to store items like potatoes, yams, onions, and heads of garlic.


Those who require a good deal of storage space but cannot build in a kitchen pantry may choose to have pantry shelves built into their kitchens. These shelves, which can be covered with cabinet doors are often much narrower than the sorts of shelves found in cabinets that store dishes. This means that they can be installed along one wall of the kitchen without compromising the space too significantly. There are also pantry shelves that closely resemble versions that are built into kitchens but are freestanding.

People who are interested in a very utilitarian and modern-looking kind of kitchen pantry may purchase a metal pantry much like the ones used in professional kitchens. These kinds of pantries have an open framework, which means that all of the goods stored therein are visible at all times. They also usually have slatted shelves instead of solid shelves. Those who prefer to have their pantries as invisible as possible may choose a sliding kitchen pantry.



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